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Baumgarten's Plastiklips® - The Plastic Clip For Preservation

Plastiklips is a registered trademark of Baumgarten and is used with permission

How to organize and preserve you documents

Choose A Size

Plastiklips® come in extra-large, large, medium, and small sizes

Pick Your Colors

Several colors are available, but the assorted colors are the most popular

Start Preserving Like A Pro

Use our fast checkout and start persevering your documents like a pro

Your Documents are Important

We understand the shortcomings you face with regular paperclips.  They can rust, leave marks, disfigure and cause pH problems.  These can all lead to the destruction of your documents integrity

Organize and Preserve Like A Professional

Plastiklips® are used by Museum Curators, Photographers, Lawyers, and Doctors around the world for organizing while persevering important documents without marking, rusting, or causing pH imbalances

Don't Let Your Documents be Destroyed

Always use authentic Plastiklp® paper clips for your important papers.  No other paperclip is as trusted for organization and protection of important papers

What Makes Plastiklips Special?

Well they are Patented and uniquely designed to hold papers tight without leaving a mark.  Made in Germany with high quality neutral pH plastic that won’t rust or discolor paper or film.

Plastiklips are lightweight, non-corrosive, anti-magnetic, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic

That makes them great for photographers, museum curators, and anyone who is concerned with the effects a regular paperclip can have on sensitive documents or photos and the people handling them.

Everyday office life often involves sorting documents according to subject matter. Filing papers away in files or folders “hides” your documents. And when you staple a stack of documents together, you damage the paper.

Plastiklips are the ideal solution if you only need to keep a pile of papers together temporarily. This enables you to group documents and retrieve them more easily.

Plastiklips are also perfect as tabs or for marking important passages of text.

Not only do they come a in a nice assortment of colors for color coding projects.  They are Non-magnetic and are computer safe and even perform well around copiers and shredders.

Plastiklips are made of polystyrene, and are tough. They do not lose their shape through use, so are always in perfect shape for each new application.

Thanks to the properties of the material used in Plastiklips they are very strong and extremely flexible and they are 100% recyclable.

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